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Passed Change Requests

All CRs coming up for the next versioncan be found here. Please note that clarifications can already be considered now.

Important note:
In chapter there is an obvious need for correction: The SHA-256 hash value of the bank certificates for X002 and E002 is used in the corresponding XML elements in base64binary format.
A hexadecimal representation of hash values only occurs in INI/HIA letters and in the display file.
A CR document will soon be published for this error correction.

An EBICS version V 3.0.1 is planned for the end of 2020. The minor changes published here as CR will be integrated into this version.

Passed Amendments for Annexes

Here you will find already decided amendments for EBICS annexes which are published independently from the EBICS versions. The changes will be incorporated into the next version of the respective document.