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EBICS V 4.0 - Requests for Comments (from 19 June to 16 September 2024)

EBICS V 3.0 was launched in the year 2018 in order to harmonise the procedure by closing the scope for interpretation and standardising the previously country-specific identifiers for business transactions. This was important in order to promote the spread of EBICS. However, this primarily served cross-border acting banks and corporate clients.

The EBICS SC is planning the specification of a possible new, future-proof EBICS version 4.0.

In particular we will focus on the following two aspects with the next version of the EBICS standard:

  • EBICS V 4.0 will improve the standard from the customer perspective taking current and future requirements
    of all corporate customers into account.
  • EBICS should be further developed in a sustainable and future-proof manner in terms of technology and security.

We would like to include the experience of EBICS product vendors in our considerations by a Request for Comments (RfC).

Further information can be found under the new section EBICS V 4.0 - RfC.