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Use of EBICS Logo

On this page, we provide a special EBICS logo (Ready For EBICS) which, in contrast to the EBICS logo, may be used without the "Ready For" lettering without further express permission from the EBICS SC as long as the use is within the terms of use formulated for this:

The use of the "Ready for EBICS" logo is allowed unless

  1. the use creates the incorrect impression or assumption that there is a connection between the user and the EBICS SC;
  2. the use leads the public to believe erroneously that the user benefits from the support, sponsorship, approval or consent of the EBICS SC;
  3. the use is in connection with any objective or activity which is incompatible with the aims and principles of the EBICS SC;

Furthermore, the use of the “Ready for EBICS” logo is allowed when the User offers a product which fully supports the EBICS Standard. For this purpose, the files which are available for download under “Technical Information” must be used. The User thereby guarantees that the requirements of the standard are met. A quality assurance by the EBICS SC does not take place and the EBICS SC is not liable for damages incurred by the User of a software for which the logo was used contrary to this specification.

The use of the logo shall not imply the EBICS SC's agreement to such use nor shall it imply any endorsement or sponsorship by the EBICS SC of such use. In all cases, the EBICS SC reserves the right to prohibit the use of its logo in any circumstances where this use might be harmful to it or of an inappropriate nature. This also applies in particular to the extent that it becomes known that the requirements of the standard are not complied with.

The “Ready for EBICS” logo is a protected original work. It may not be registered as a trademark or for any other purpose. The use of the logo by third parties, even with the EBICS SC's consent, does not confer any rights over the logo. Should you have questions about the correct use of the logo, please contact the secretariat at

info (at) ebics (dot) de.