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EBICS Milestones

July 2020

Austria joins EBICS SC

February 2019

First EBICS V 3.0 clients and servers are available

November 2018

Validity of EBICS V 3.0 and the joint BTF-concept starts by

March 2017

Concept for the business transaction and format identification (BTF) is completed and will be valid EBICS-wide

May 2015

Switzerland joins EBICS SC

June 2012

EBICS largely deployed in France

May 2011

First Franco-German Common Implementation Guide (EBICS 2.5)

June 2010

EBICS SC foundation

May 2009

First meeting of Franco-German expert team

November 2008

EBICS cooperation aggreement between French and German banks

October 2007

SEPA Compliance

December 2006

Broad adoption by German banks and corporations

August 2005

Beginning of implementation in Germany

January 2003

Start of EBICS development