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The EBICS specification in its version V 3.0.1 is valid since 3 February 2021. It is a revision version with minor changes compared to version V 3.0.

Note: The annexes "BTF External Code List" and "Transport Layer Securitiy" don't depend on a specific EBICS version, but annex TLS has also been updated for EBICS V 3.0.1. The last update of the BTF list was on November 24th, 2021.

Apart from that, another version of the specification is available where the amendments are highlighted which have been made since the previous version 3.0:
Note: Vendors can see the changes from V 2.5 to V 3.0 in a corresponding  in the archive - under EBICS 3.0 you can find a document where the changes in V 3.0 compared to V2.5 are marked

Here you will find the EBICS Delta concept for the clearing of instant payments. The instant request schema described there can be found under EBICS schema