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Additional Standards

Real-time notifications (based on WebSocket)

Initially created as a real-time notification service for the receipt of SCT inst the new concept "Real-Time Notifications" which is based on the WebSocket protocol offers further added value for EBICS users. The new specification is no part of the EBICS standard and EBICS does not necessarily require this function. EBICS-Client and WebSocket-Client are systemically separated from each other. However, this the concept is an ideal supplement to the EBICS procedure.  Therefore the specification can be downloaded here for information.

The graphic illustrates the credit notification of a SEPA instant payment:

In addition to the finality of a payment in real time, immediate feedback on the payment success is particularly attractive for corporate customers, on the basis of which further actions in a business process chain (e.g. delivery of goods) can be triggered. In Germany, the new this is offered to corporate customers by this standard solution based on the WebSocket protocol from 2020. This concept offers further added value by enabling push messages to be transmitted in real time from the bank to the customer.